Art Classes Oxford is based at the United Reformed Church Hall in Summertown and at St. Peter’s Church Hall Wolvercote. The classes are aimed at complete beginners and those who would like to improve and practice new skills and cover the basics of painting and drawing.


Last years projects included many colour mixing and tonal exercises, looking at Paul Klee and layering colour, building a landscape and looking at greens, building space in your landscape, looking at Emil Nolde and painting with strong colours, Matthew Smith and a looser way of painting, flowers and their shape and form, how to draw and paint portraits, still life and old master techniques for building a painting starting with tone.

I demonstrate all of the techniques and materials to the group as a whole and individually and there is plenty of scope for discussion and questions.

The courses usually begin with a still life, allowing students to get to grips with the basics of drawing. An understanding of tone, line and proportion is really helpful when we move on to using colour. I teach watercolour, oils, pastels, acrylic and drawing and students can specialise in one medium or learn to use more than one.

We work on a variety of exercises throughout each course and focus on elements such as changing the tones of colours, colour mixing and applying paint well. Students can bring whatever materials they have or just an A3 cartridge pad and having discussed materials and seen demonstrations, decide on what they would like to use. I can make suggestions either before the course or during the course as to what people might need to buy.. Please look at the materials list on the website if you would like to buy anything before the course. I find that students often like to see what others are using before buying their own equipment.

As the course progresses and we work on different subject matter, students can begin to combine their techniques and skills with individual areas of interest. We usually have a portrait option at the end of each course, where we work from a model.

The Life Drawing class allows students to work from an unclothed model and is a very good way of learning to draw, encompassing all the elements of drawing; tone, line, proportion, form and students can learn to use a variety of media, including charcoal, pastel, watercolour amongst others. We work from a variety of experienced life models and focus on different aspects of drawing each week.

The classes are friendly and sociable and not too big, with an opportunity to stop for a tea break half way through each session.

I have been working in Adult and Further Education, schools and galleries, since I graduated, about 25 years ago and really enjoy meeting and working with adults of all experience and ability. The classes are always a mix of new students and those who have been coming for a some time and students very often carry on into the following terms course.

Do get in touch if you would like to discuss the course or would like to join.

Cathy Landell Mills 01865 510660/0780 7048507 cathylandellmills@me.com


art class photoart-class-photo
sheil and co photocolour2photo-kate cropcolour wheelgroup art classart class 2art class3art class 4


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