Art materials information

MATERIALS AND COLOUR LIST (Please use this as a reference rather than buying a lot of materials at an early stage)

Below is a general colour list that is suitable for all mediums.If you are buying pastels you may need to ask the art shop for an equivalent colour.

Titanium white (white Gouache for water colour)
Paynes Grey
Davies Grey ( water colour only)
Ultramarine blue
Burnt Sienna
Vandyke Brown
Yellow Ochre
Crimson Alizerin
Cadmium or other primary red
Lemon Yellow

Watercolour brushes:
Round Winsor and Newton Sceptre Gold or an other Winsor and Newton sable synthetic mix brush sizes 4 and 6 Brushes for Oil or Acrylic

Pro Arte Sterling brushes, filbert or round, are excellent for oil and acrylics

Brushes for Oil and Acrylics: Filbert Hog Brushes, sizes 4 and 6

Paper for Water Colour
Bockingford or Langton pad A4 or A3 and Arches paper (expensive but available as individual sheets)
or good quality cartridge paper to start with (Daler Heavyweight is very good)

Soft pastels Rembrandt are very good soft pastels and Sennelier are very good oil pastels, both available from Jacksons Art and Broad Canvas in Broad Street

Paper for Pastels and drawing
Daler are a good brand for paper, I would suggest an A3 pad if you need to buy one

Pastels, Oil and Acrylics

If you are using soft pastels, I would strongly recommend Rembrandt, available at Jacksons Art Supplies and for Oil pastels, Sennelier if possible. Brushes for Oil and Acrylics
Filbert Hog Brushes, sizes 4 and 6

Oil Acrylic surfaces and palettes etc.:
I would recommend Daler boards rather than canvas or an oil/acyrlic paper
You will also need a tearaway palette and two sealable jars and a jcloth or rags.

Do get in touch if you need any more information, I know it can be a bit perplexing buying art materials!

Broad Canvas in Broad Street is a good supplier and also Jacksons Art mail order is very good, fast and a bit cheaper, they can also give advice over the phone.


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